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Kyrgyzstan exports 2.11 tons of gold in January - March

In January-March, Kyrgyzstan exported 2.11 tons of gold worth $139.3 million. The Russian «Bulletin of the Gold Producer» reported, citing the National Statistical Committee.

It is clarified that, including in March, about 467 kilograms of the precious metal were sold.

The republic sold most of the gold to the special administrative region of China — Hong Kong — 1,126 tons for $75 million. Switzerland is in second place among export countries with 971.5 kilograms of gold worth $63.5 million, and the UAE is in third place with 12.5 kilograms for $811,000.

As it was previously reported, in 2023, Kyrgyzstan exported more than 20.2 tons of gold for $1.28 billion with no exports of the precious metal in the first two months.