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UNDP and entrepreneurs discuss barriers to climate change adaptation

The UNDP office in Bishkek organized a meeting with representatives of the business community to discuss barriers and risks faced by entrepreneurs in adapting to climate change.

According to the commitments made by Kyrgyzstan under the Paris Agreement and the Framework Convention on Climate Change, the country should develop national initiatives, including updating the nationally determined contribution until 2050 and developing sectoral adaptation plans covering such areas as agriculture and irrigation, health, disaster and emergency management, and biodiversity conservation.

The aim is to reduce the negative impacts of climate change on the country’s society and economy.

Deputy Director of the Climate Finance Center Asel Madybayeva stressed the importance of business participation in the development of adaptation measures to climate change. According to her, the private sector will play a key role in the implementation of these strategies. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account its point of view and interests when shaping these measures.

For example, the private sector can provide significant financial resources to support adaptation projects, and it is also important to raise business awareness of climate change issues for more effective solutions. UNDP will prepare recommendations and send them to the Cabinet of Ministers for consideration.