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Kyrgyzstani runs ultramarathon around Mont Blanc

Kyrgyzstani Narynbek Nasyrov ran an ultramarathon around Mont Blanc. President of the Mountaineering and Climbing Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic Eduard Kubatov announced on social media.

The distance is 171 kilometers around Mont Blanc through three countries: France, Italy and Switzerland, with a gain in altitude when running of more than 10,000 meters. The track is considered one of the most difficult in Europe and one of the most popular (more than 2,000 athletes take part in it).

«For the first time in the history of Kyrgyz sports, a Kyrgyzstani and now a resident of Switzerland, Narynbek Nasyrov, managed to do this! Few people have tried it before, and probably there is no such level of training! On my own behalf and on behalf of the Kyrgyz Mountaineering Federation, I would like to congratulate our athlete (trail running, sky running) on his outstanding achievement! He ran this most difficult route in the world in less than 46 hours and 30 minutes!» Eduard Kubatov wrote.

Narynbek Nasyrov covered the distance for 40 hours and 8 minutes, taking the 860th place.

Athletes who failed to meet the 46 hours 30 minutes time limit will be disqualified.