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Number of measles cases in Kyrgyzstan exceeds 1,000

At least 1,011 cases of measles have been registered in Kyrgyzstan since the beginning of the year. The press center of the Ministry of Health reported.

In the majority of cases — 81 percent — the patients were not vaccinated against measles.

Most cases were registered in Osh region (394 cases), Osh (297) and Bishkek (135) cities. At the same time, single cases are registered among the adult population.

«It is important to note that there is no specific treatment for measles, but the disease can be prevented through vaccination. The Ministry of Health calls on parents and foster parents to vaccinate their children,» the ministry added.

Children are vaccinated against measles and rubella at the age of 12 months old, and revaccinated at the age of six years old.

Measles is a contagious infectious disease caused by a virus. This infection is characterized by high susceptibility. That is, if a person who has not previously had measles and has not been vaccinated comes into contact with a sick person, the probability of getting sick is extremely high. Measles is transmitted by airborne droplets. The patient is contagious to others from the last two days of the incubation period until the fourth day of the rash.