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Tax on Google: 39 companies undergo registration procedure

During the year, 39 foreign companies underwent remote registration procedure through the service of the Tax Service of Kyrgyzstan vat.salyk.kg. The Tax Service reported.

According to it, these are six firms registered in the United States, four each in Dubai, Ireland, the Netherlands, three each in the UK, Canada, Cyprus, two each in the United Arab Emirates, Russia and one each in Luxembourg, on the Cayman Islands, in Latvia, Japan, Estonia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Sweden.

Among them are Google, Amazon, Netflix, Yandex Go, Adobe, Xsolla, Spotify and Audible.

In 2022, four foreign companies — Yandex Go, Vaskiani Ventures, Xsolla and Adobe — paid more than 85 million soms of value-added tax to the budget of the republic.

Recall, the so-called tax on Google was introduced last year for foreign organizations providing electronic services to users of Kyrgyzstan from abroad. The VAT rate is 12 percent on the amount of services sold.

«We urge other foreign firms providing electronic services in the Kyrgyz Republic to register remotely through vat.salyk.kg service as a VAT payer, get an identification tax number and access to the taxpayer’s personal account,» the Tax Service noted.