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189 million soms of “tax on Google” paid in Kyrgyzstan

Foreign companies in the first quarter of 2024 paid 188.9 million soms of value added tax on electronic services provided in Kyrgyzstan. Such data is provided by the State Tax Service.

The largest amount of the tax was paid by such companies as Meta — 69.1 million soms, iHerb — 46.7 million soms, Google — 32.2 million soms, Apple — 19.1 million soms, Amazon — 12.6 million soms.

In 2023, revenues from this type of tax amounted to 438.1 million soms.

As of today, 57 foreign companies are registered in the service of the Tax Service vat.salyk.kg.

In 2022, the so-called «tax on Google» was introduced for foreign organizations providing electronic services to users of the Kyrgyz Republic from abroad. The VAT rate is 12 percent of the amount of services provided.