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Kok boru included in program of World Nomad Games

The national kok boru team of Kyrgyzstan will rent horses to participate in the World Nomad Games. The Ministry of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy reported.

According to it, Kyrgyzstan held talks with airlines. Only Moalem Aviation reported that it could transport animals.

«However, since the Turkish side provided information about the inclusion of kok boru in the official program too late, transportation of horses back to Kyrgyzstan would take more than two weeks,» the ministry noted.

The Kyrgyz side does not have the opportunity to keep animals in Turkey for so long, so it was decided to rent them.

«All athletes are fully prepared for the Games,» the Ministry of Culture added.

Earlier it became known that several Kyrgyz sports were excluded from the program of the World Nomad Games.

The IV World Nomad Games will be held from September 29 to October 2 in Iznik town on the coast of the lake of the same name. It is 125 kilometers from Istanbul. More than 3,000 athletes from 102 countries are expected to take part in them.