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Crisis center for men proposed to be opened in Kyrgyzstan

It is proposed to open a crisis center for men who find themselves in a difficult life situation in Kyrgyzstan. Representatives of Child Rights Defenders’ League Public Foundation, who, together with the Ombudsman’s Institute, assessed the situation with beating of a child in Sokuluk district, said.

It turned out that the employer Alexander Samarkin systematically beat the boy’s father, Nikolai Kamaletdinov. The man endured torture because he owed money to him.

Nikolai Kamaletdinov also told that there were several more local workers there, including one minor, and the employer also used physical violence against them and forced them to work.

Activists propose to develop a mechanism for the protection of victims of forced labor with the right to apply to the State Labor Inspectorate or the court with an application for the restoration of violated rights, compensation for material damage and compensation for moral damage.

In addition, it is necessary to introduce into the regulation of the State Labor Inspectorate the function of identifying and investigating violations of the rights of an employee related to the use of forced labor.

The human rights activists recalled that the Institute of Ombudsman announced a Month of Protection of Children’s Rights, which, among other things, is aimed at monitoring all enterprises and farms in order to identify people and children that are being exploited.