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Parliament of 7th convocation not to start work on December 28

Deputies of the Parliament of the seventh convocation will not be able to start work on December 28. Proceedings for the resolution of electoral disputes in the Supreme Court are scheduled for this day. The Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic informed 24.kg news agency.

The court accepted for consideration two cassation appeals against the decisions of the Administrative Court of Bishkek. One came from representatives of the candidate for deputy Mederbek Sakkarayev, who won the majority of votes in Chui-Kemin constituency No. 31. Earlier, the Central Election commission (CEC) canceled his registration due to citizenship of Kazakhstan. The second appeal came from the CEC. In it, the CEC asks to cancel the decision of the first instance at the request of Alliance party.

The election commission does not agree that the candidate from Alliance party, Zhanar Akayev, can get a deputy mandate instead of Toktobubu Orgalcha.

Earlier, the CEC made changes to the resolution «On the organization and procedure of voting, the results of voting and determining the results of elections by election commissions in the elections of the President and deputies of the Parliament» dated June 26, 2020.

A change was made to the clause concerning the distribution of mandates between candidates of different genders. According to the amendments, the candidate for deputy Zhanar Akayev did not enter the Parliament. The mandate, it was assumed, could have been received by Toktobubu Orgalcha. Zhanar Akayev believes that the CEC has doubtfully changed the rules of the elections.

Until the proceedings are completed, the CEC cannot register members of the new convocation.