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Barley yields decrease by 57.9 percent in Kyrgyzstan

Due to abnormally high air temperature and a lack of irrigation water, the wheat crop decreased by 41.4 percent, barley — by 57.9 percent. The National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan provided such data.

Harvesting of the main types of crops in Kyrgyzstan continues. At the end of July, grain (excluding legumes, rice and buckwheat) has been harvested on the area of ​​230,700 hectares. This is 3.3 percent less than in 2020. The yield amounted to 285,000 tons of grain, which is 52 percent less than last year.

Due to the heat and problems with irrigation water, the gross harvest of fruit and berry crops decreased by 31.2 percent, potatoes — by 6.3 percent, melons — by 3.5 percent.

At the same time, yield of vegetables increased by 8.2 percent.