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WHO: COVID-19 symptoms may persist for several months after treatment

The most common post-coronavirus symptoms include shortness of breath and cognitive dysfunction. The persistence of symptoms after COVID-19 needs further investigation. The World Health Organization expert Janet Diaz said.

According to her, the maximum duration of painful symptoms after suffering COVID-19 is not yet known to science. They may be present for months, Janet Diaz noted and added that more research is needed.

The WHO expert said that «the most common post-coronavirus symptoms, or symptoms of long-term coronavirus, include shortness of breath, cognitive dysfunction, which people call ’haze’, and fatigue.»

«However, there are reports of more than 200 different symptoms in patients. The list is quite long. In particular, patients may experience chest pain, difficulty speaking, anxiety or depression, muscle pain, fever, loss of smell and taste,» she said.

WHO has information that symptoms can last three months, but «some tell about six months and potentially up to nine months.»