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Cameras installed in Bishkek buses, trolleybuses and minibuses

Cameras and video recorders are installed in new municipal buses and 80 percent of minibuses in Bishkek. Press service of the Bishkek City Administration reported.

The Chinese buses that were delivered in the capital this year have been already equipped with cameras and recorders.

«Fleets of Bishkek Trolleybus Department and Bishkek Passenger Motor Transport Company are being gradually equipped. First of all, DVRs are installed. The total budget for Bishkek Trolleybus Department alone is about 2 million soms. At least 87 out of 147 trolleybuses serving their routes already have DVRs and cameras,» the press service said.

According to the City Administration, video cameras are installed in the center and at the end of the passenger compartment. Such measures are taken to prevent pickpocketing in public transport.

Installation of DVRs started back in 2018.