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At least 3.5 mln soms to be spent on production of video commercials for WNG

The Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism of Kyrgyzstan will spend 3.5 million soms on the production of video commercials for the opening and closure ceremony of the 3rd World Nomad Games. The state procurement portal reports.

A winner must provide a film director, specialists, camera and workgroup to shoot 20-minute video content. Shooting will take place in a sand pit, on a field, on Khan Tengri Peak and in Issyk-Kul region.

The shooting will involve 40 stuntmen in stage costumes.

«The videos will be accompanied by the theatrical performance and will go in parallel with the events at the hippodrome. The content should be produced according to the approved scenario of the chief director of the World Nomad Games,» the ministry said.