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Mailuu-Suu resident about situation in town: Like in besieged Leningrad

A resident of Mailuu-Suu posted a video on social media, in which she told about the situation in the town.

«We live like in besieged Leningrad. People have no water, some districts have no electricity and there is no heating in the town at all. The air temperature in the apartment is below zero. Workers try to thaw frozen heating pipes. There is no water in the city. It is brought from Mailuu-Suu river, which is not suitable for drinking. Authorities, what are you doing there? You come up with bans on Tik-Tok, new names for our small country... You would better say how we can survive in this country,» the author of the video says.

An emergency situation was announced in Mailuu-Suu on January 13. Due to severe frosts, the pipes of the water supply system, which supplies local residents with drinking water, froze. As a result, the supply of heat and clean water to the population was stopped. A criminal case has been initiated.