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Almost 100,000 entrepreneurs use electronic consignment notes in Kyrgyzstan

To date, 98,096 entrepreneurs are registered in the information system of the Tax Service of Kyrgyzstan and use electronic consignment notes. The press service of the Tax Service reported.

At least 12.3 million electronic documents have been created for the business through the electronic consignment notes system, of which 9.9 million are sales documents, write-offs — 855,400, movements — 567,700, and capitalization documents — 948,900. The number of active warehouses is 115,536.

Since May 15 last year, the electronic consignment notes are used by taxpayers engaged in the circulation of oil and petroleum products and goods, from July 1, 2022 — by taxpayers engaged in the circulation of goods included in the list approved by the Eurasian Economic Commission, from January 1, 2023 — by entities carrying out turnover of goods.

«An electronic consignment note is an electronic document that contains information about the product, the sender, the recipient and the vehicle carrying out delivery, and other data. The advantage of the electronic consignment note is its efficiency, which will allow business entities to exchange with counterparties in a matter of minutes an electronic document containing information about the product, the sender, the recipient and the delivery vehicle, and other data, whereas previously sending paper documents took days or even weeks,» the Tax Service noted.