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Women's Kurultai of Solidarity held in Kyrgyzstan

The National Women’s Kurultai of Solidarity was held in Bishkek. UNDP reported.

According to the organization, women leaders who came from all regions discussed the social and economic, social and political role of the women’s movement in the country, and also developed an action plan for the further development and promotion of women’s leadership in Kyrgyzstan.

«The republic is currently ranked 84th (out of 146) in the 2023 Global Gender Gap Index that stresses the need for further efforts in women’s empowerment and leadership. Gender inequalities are also evident in the labor market, where women in Kyrgyzstan continue to face a gender gap: they earn approximately 63 percent of what men earn for similar jobs, undermining women’s economic opportunities and hindering their full potential to fully participate in the development of the country and contribute to it,» the UNDP notes.

At the same time, rural women face additional barriers to leadership and empowerment. Limited access to resources, including education, health care, and economic opportunities, hinders their participation in decision-making processes.

Louise Chamberlain, UNDP Resident Representative in Kyrgyzstan, stressed that the National Women’s Kurultai has become an open platform for the exchange of information between women leaders of the republic, and expressed hope for the sustainability and success of the initiatives that are being promoted today.