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Regions of Kyrgyzstan elect delegates to second People's Kurultai

The nomination of delegates to the second People’s Kurultai continues in Kyrgyzstan.

According to information from the regions, meetings are being held at which lists of representatives for the upcoming event are being formed.

  • At least 118 delegates were elected in Osh region, in the city of Osh — 39 delegates.
  • About 53 delegates were elected in Batken region.
  • Some 60 delegates and a reserve of delegates were elected in Bishkek.
  • At least 18 delegates were elected in Kochkor district.
  • Four delegates were elected in Talas.

The second kurultai will be held in Bishkek on December 15.

The Law on the People’s Kurultai was adopted by the Parliament on June 29. It determines the legal status of the Kurultai, the principles of its activities and the procedure for electing delegates.