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President Sadyr Japarov tells about «custurization»

As part of the fight against corruption, the budget received 10 billion soms over 2.5 years. The President of Kyrgyzstan announced in his another interview with Kabar news agency.

Sadyr Japarov proposed to create a commission of those who doubt that the money goes to the budget.

«Information about who paid and how much is open. Everything goes to the budget. Open data. We have nothing to hide. We can publish the list. But many of those who returned the funds to the treasury ask not to disclose their names, so we did not voice them. If politicians, journalists, deputies have questions, let them ask. We will show the list and announce the amount of compensation. Last time, the deputies accused us of stealing gold, we suggested them to create a commission, but they did not want to. Therefore, who is interested in custurization, write me an official letter. I will give instructions to law enforcement agencies and show all the «vomit,» the president said.