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Sadyr Japarov: Elections are an opportunity to lustrate Parliament

«The people should not sell their votes, this time they have been given the opportunity to lustrate the Parliament,» President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov said at a meeting of the Council of Heads of Local Government Bodies and Local State Administrations.

He instructed to conduct explanatory work among voters in all regions of the country regarding the procedure for voting on party lists, voting for candidates from single-mandate constituencies.

«You can elect 36 deputies from single-mandate constituencies as your direct representatives. In addition, you will elect 54 deputies from party lists. You will also vote for the candidate you like within the party. Then a majority will come to Parliament — a candidate or political organization of your choice, enjoying the support of real voters. Each vote will be decisive. The times when the first 10 candidates on the list made it to the Parliament have passed,» the head of state stressed.

He raised the issue of religious values, noting that they should be in the hearts of people, but they should not be turned into a political instrument.

According to Sadyr Japarov, none of political parties or politicians should use religion, religious symbols, terms and religious calls in the campaigning. Registered party leaders and citizens running from single-mandate constituencies should keep this in mind.