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Ruslan Kazakbaev meets with IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi

The Foreign Affairs Minister of Kyrgyzstan Ruslan Kazakbaev met with the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Mariano Grossi and asked to speed up projects through the agency. Press service of the ministry reported.

Ruslan Kazakbaev highly appreciated the role of the IAEA in assisting member states in gaining access to nuclear science, technology and non-energy applications of nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes. He informed the Director General of the IAEA about the status of agreements on the remediation of uranium heritage sites in the country and the work being done at such sites in Kyrgyzstan.

At the meeting, the Foreign Minister also asked to speed up the implementation of the technical cooperation project to improve the services of brachytherapy, radiation therapy and nuclear medicine and noted the interest of the Kyrgyz Republic in participating in the ZODIAC initiative, which is aimed at detecting and tracking zoonotic diseases and increasing the readiness of states to combat new and re-emerging pathogens.

In turn, Rafael Grossi noted the active interaction between the IAEA and the Kyrgyz Republic and announced further support for the projects planned and implemented in the republic through the agency.

In 2003, Kyrgyzstan became the 137th member of the agency at the 47th session of the IAEA General Conference.