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EAEU distributes quotas for meat products and milk whey for 2022

The Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) decided to establish and distribute tariff quotas for a number of types of meat products and milk whey for 2022. Press service of the EEC reported.

According to the forecast, volume of consumption of products will expectedly exceed production of cattle meat in the amount of 237,400 tons, pork — 34,900 tons, poultry meat — 281,300 tons, milk whey — 500 tons this year.

Tariff quotas for 2022 for Kazakhstan and Russia were set in the amounts fixed in the protocols on the accession of states to the WTO. For Armenia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, they were determined within the difference between production and consumption, taking into account the volumes requested by the parties.

Quotas for cattle meat will be 5,000 tons for Armenia, 21,000 tons — for Kazakhstan, 5,000 tons — for Kyrgyzstan, 570,000 tons — for Russia; for pork — 7,500 tons for Armenia, 20,000 tons — for Belarus, 4,500 tons — for Kyrgyzstan.

Quotas for meat and poultry by-products will amount to 44,000 tons for Armenia, 10,900 tons — for Belarus, 140,000 tons — for Kazakhstan, 58,000 tons — for Kyrgyzstan, 364,000 tons — for Russia.

The quota for the import of milk whey is set for Armenia in the amount of 500 tons, for Russia — 15,000 tons.