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Large meat processing enterprise launched in Balykchy

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov, during a working trip to Issyk-Kul region, took part in the launch of the largest meat processing enterprise in the region in Balykchy city. The press service of the head of state reported.

According to it, Dordoi Balykchy plant, built in accordance with international food safety management standards, can process meat from 100 heads of cattle and 1,000 heads of small cattle per shift. The production capacity of the plant is 14,000 tons of products per year. More than 100 people will be provided with work.

The total investment is $6 million. Half of the amount was financed through a loan from the Kyrgyz-Russian Development Fund.

Sadyr Japarov noted that the opening of the plant in Balykchy really deserves support. Indeed, despite constant assertions that the majority of the country’s population is engaged in agriculture and livestock farming, the volume of production remains small, the number of processing plants is limited, and cluster production in this area has not yet received sufficient development.

According to him, if everything goes according to plan, this project will be the first step towards creating a vertically integrated meat cluster in Kyrgyzstan as part of the implementation of the industry program.

«We work according to the principle «regional development is the basis for the country’s development.» In this direction, the socio-economic problems of the regions are being comprehensively resolved: work is underway to increase production volumes in the regions, the incomes of livestock farmers are increasing, jobs are being created and labor migration is decreasing,» Sadyr Japarov said.

It is expected that farmers from Issyk-Kul, Naryn and Chui regions will supply raw materials to Dordoi-Balykchy. This will be a significant incentive for residents of these regions engaged in livestock breeding and will increase the importance of cattle production.

«In addition to the retail or wholesale sale of large and small livestock, we will also focus our efforts on the processing and production of meat products within the country. In this context, the export volumes of our products, along with the domestic market, will grow. Consequently, entrepreneurs opening production enterprises will be required to have certificates that meet international standards and a veterinary laboratory. After all, we need to promote and supply our organic meat products to foreign markets, such as China, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE,» Sadyr Japarov stressed.

The head of state especially noted that a number of effective measures are now being taken by the authorities to improve the economy, solve social problems and preserve the environment.

«All public servants work hard for the benefit of the people. Those who try to appropriate state property and treasury are punished. Because our goal is to work for you with honor and conscience. We are always ready to provide support to entrepreneurs who strive to improve people’s lives, create jobs and contribute to the country’s economy,» the president said and expressed gratitude to the entrepreneurs and their partners who support them.