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About 20 Kyrgyzstanis stay at Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Kabul

There are about 20 citizens at the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Kabul (Afghanistan). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic reported with reference to the data from the Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to Afghanistan Miroslav Niyazov.

According to the head of the diplomatic mission, all citizens will be evacuated to Kyrgyzstan by August 21.

The Foreign Ministry noted that it is closely monitoring the developments, as well as hourly changes in the military-political situation in this country.

«The ministry and the embassy are in constant contact with the citizens of Kyrgyzstan,» the statement says.

The radical Taliban movement, after the announcement of the withdrawal of U.S. troops in the spring of 2021, launched an offensive against the positions of the Afghan army and by August had established control over most of the territory of Afghanistan. The day before, full control over the entire territory of the country was announced. The President Ashraf Ghani stepped down from office.