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MPs of Kyrgyzstan allowed to unite into groups again

Deputies discuss a number of bills related to the activities of the Parliament in order to bring them in line with the new Constitution of Kyrgyzstan.

The draft law on regulations of the Parliament provides for the procedure for uniting the deputies elected both from single-mandate constituencies and party lists into factions and deputy groups. Earlier, the parliament members were prohibited from this.

The procedure for giving consent to the appointment and dismissal of the Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, members of the Cabinet of Ministers, judges of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts, the Chairman of the National Bank, members of the CEC, the Ombudsman, the Prosecutor General has been prescribed.

The deputy corps will be reduced to 90 people. The bill on elections assumes that the Parliament will be formed from the lists of political parties (55 mandates) and single-mandate constituencies (35 mandates). Under the old Constitution and the current law on the election of deputies to the Parliament, deputies were elected from lists of political parties, counting on all 120 mandates.

Party lists will be closed, one party can take 55 seats. There are no restrictions on seats for a political organization, as it was the case in the previous version of the Basic Law.