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Lack of irrigation water: Farmers protest in Chui region

About 50 farmers from Ak-Kuduk rural area are protesting near the building of the Issyk-Ata district administration in Kant town. They demand a meeting with representatives of local authorities and the leadership of the State Agency for Water Resources.

«The situation is difficult in the fields. It has already come to fights. There is practically no water for irrigation. It is provided, but for a short time and four times less than the norm. It does not reach the fields, it is absorbed into the irrigation ditches. We are looking forward to meeting with the leadership of the district and the state agency. We cannot wait any longer — the harvest is dying!» one of the protest participants said.

Level of water in the rivers of Chui region is 2.5 times lower than the norm due to drought. About 300 farmers from Chui region gathered in front of the Government House in Bishkek earlier. They demanded to solve the problem of irrigation water shortage. However, the problem has not been resolved to this day. Later, residents of the capital’s residential areas Kirgiziya-1 and Ala-Too also held a similar protest.