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People ready to block government thoroughfare due to lack of irrigation water

About 30 residents of Ala-Too and Kirgiziya-1 residential areas hold protest in Bishkek, demanding access to irrigation water.

«We have not been able to get irrigation water since the beginning of summer. The gardens are drying up. This situation lasts for the fourth year in a row. It used to be water on weekends starting from April. It is the middle of June now, and the irrigation ditches are dry. People are driven to despair and are ready to block the government thoroughfare,» they said.

The chairman of the local Chon-Aryk municipal territorial administration Nurlan Achylov promised to give water for a day.

About 300 farmers from Chui region gathered in front of the Government House in Bishkek earlier. They demanded to solve the problem of irrigation water shortage.