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Helicopter crash: Details of incident announced

Victims of the helicopter crash in Osh region of Kyrgyzstan were transported to hospitals in Bishkek. Own sources in law enforcement agencies informed 24.kg news agency.

Two MI-8 MT helicopters were heading for Alai district on June 4 at 12.45. At the moment when they were flying across the high-mountainous area, one of the helicopters got under stormy wind.

«The aircraft was unable to overcome the pass due to lack of engine power. The helicopter’s revs dropped and it spontaneously began to lose altitude. The crew commander made a hard landing. The pilots made everything possible to mitigate the ground impact. The terrain was not intended for landing. MI-8 MT caught fire after the crash,» the sources said.

One passenger remained in the burning helicopter. The crew commander rescued him by pulling out of the fire.

24.kg news agency has a video from the crash site of MI-8 MT. The footage shows that only burnt-out fragments remained from the helicopter. It is known that there was ammunition inside the aircraft that exploded after the helicopter caught fire.

The helicopter that crashed in the mountains of Osh region was presented as a gift within the framework of bilateral cooperation with Russia. The service life of aircraft produced in 1987 has expired.

The Mi-8 MT helicopter made an emergency landing on June 4 in Osh region. As a result, 14 people suffered. They were all taken to hospitals with various injuries.