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Moscow blogger helps homeless Kyrgyzstani return to homeland

A Moscow blogger helped a homeless Kyrgyzstani return to his homeland. A video about the plight of the compatriot was posted on Abracadabra TV YouTube channel.

The blogger, who does not disclose his identity, was approached by a Russian and asked to help Azatbek, a native of Kyrgyzstan, who has been living in the forest for a year.

"With the help of charity and social videos, we have already helped the homeless in difficult life situations. But, it is not entirely correct to give gifts or money every time. Therefore, today on Abracadabra TV channel we decided to change the life of a homeless Kyrgyz and do a good deed,” the author of the video says.     

Azatbek told that he arrived in Moscow 18 months ago. He worked as an unskilled worker, but his employers deceived him. The compatriot did not succeed in finding a new job due to the lack of any qualification and discrimination.

As a result, the blogger presented him a ticket from Moscow to Bishkek, and also provided financial assistance.