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Triathletes pick up 100 kilograms of garbage during eco run in Bishkek

Triathletes held an environmental campaign in the run-up to the World Cleanup Day in Bishkek. During their morning run, they have picked up about 100 kilograms of plastic waste. The Triathlon Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic reports.

According to the Federation, professional runners and amateurs took part in the campaign. They covered a distance from 5 to 15 kilometers. On the way, the athletes picked up trash, mostly plastic and glass. At the finish line they were met with the weighing machine — a waste reception point was organized there. All the finishers were awarded honorary diplomas by the organizers of the campaign — the Triathlon Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic and Eco Demi Public Foundation.

«The Foundation helped sort and dispose the waste collected by the runners during plogging. One hundred kilograms of waste will be processed at a specialized enterprise. Yes, it is a drop in the ocean. But the aim of all our campaigns is to draw the attention of the Kyrgyzstanis to their way of life, the impact they have on the environment. The World Cleanup Day was conceived for this purpose — it is not just a one-time cleanup, it is the international propaganda of the philosophy of cleanliness, the culture of Homo sapiens behavior,» Venera Mambetmusaeva, Chairwoman of the Board of Eco Demi PF, said.

The World Cleanup Day will be marked this year on September 19. Kyrgyzstan will join its celebration for the third time.

In the previous two years, the republic was ahead of the rest of the world in the number of volunteers who took part in the global cleanup.