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Electronic ticketing: Mass installation of validators starts in Bishkek

Mass installation of validators in public transport of Bishkek began as a part of the Electronic Ticketing project. Press service of the Bishkek City Administration reported.

According to it, specialists install about 140 stationary validators for reading data from a travel card in busses and trolleybuses. At least 240 more devices were delivered the day before. Until the end of the week, they will be delivered to municipal transport enterprises for their subsequent installation.

The city hall explained that the equipment was installed in parts. Its back part is installed first, the front one will be installed after setting up and programming of the system.

There will be three categories of travel cards: a discount card for pensioners and people with disabilities, a card for schoolchildren and a standard one. The latter will be in two versions: paper for sale by drivers and plastic one for sale at all other distribution points.

Both options allow to replenish account many times to pay for travel.

Cards will be available at post offices, mobile operator offices and chain stores. Schoolchildren will be issued the cards at their educational institutions. They will get registered cards. The fare for students is 175 soms per month, for adults — 495 soms.

The electronic card itself costs 50 soms. The number of trips on the travel card is not limited.

The municipality notes that Tulpar payment card will combine the entire cashless payment system in the future and will become a universal city card that can be used everywhere.