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Electronic ticketing to be launched in public transport of Bishkek by October

Electronic ticketing system will appear in Bishkek public transport by October. The Bishkek City Administration reported.

At least 20 validators will be installed in the next 2-3 days. The next delivery of 380 units is expected at the end of August. Equipment is delivered according to a schedule.

The electronic ticketing system will start working not earlier than at the end of September.

The Bishkek City Administration signed an e-ticketing agreement with BPC AG (Switzerland) in May.

The company will provide the necessary equipment for an automated fare collection system in public transport, install and commission it, will maintain and repair the system for five years from its launch.

The company has to complete all the work within 10 months.

BPC AG offered a low transaction price of 0.49 som, free cards for privileged categories of the population, wide distribution and replenishment of cards through bank cards of partner banks of Kyrgyzstan, low cost of validators, successful experience in implementation of similar projects in other countries.