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Journalist of Agence France-Presse banned from entering Kyrgyzstan

The journalist of the Agence France-Presse Chris Rickleton was banned from entering Kyrgyzstan for violating the visa regime. This was reported by the State Committee for National Security.

However, the department didn’t specify which laws relating to the stay in Kyrgyzstan were violated by the journalist. It is also unknown whether he was deported from the republic.

On Saturday, December 9, Chris Rickleton was detained at the airport Manas, where he arrived from Dubai. He hs been living in Bishkek with his wife and child for the last seven years, taught at the American University of Central Asia.  On December 9, he arrived from Colombo via Dubai.

Chris Rickleton first arrived in Kyrgyzstan in 2008, since 2010 he has ben permanently residing in Bishkek, and since 2015 he has been cooperating with Agence France-Presse.