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Amount of money transferred by Kyrgyz migrants to homeland in 2017

Kyrgyz migrants make a huge contribution to the development of the economy, State Secretary of the State Migration Service Nurlan Sheripov told journalists today.

«According to official data, more than 800,000 labor migrants from the Kyrgyz Republic work abroad. More than 640,000 of them work in Russia, 35,000 — in Kazakhstan, more than 30,000 — in Turkey, other 14,000 — in South Korea and more than 20,000 — in European countries and the United States,» he said.

In 2016, our labor migrants have transferred more than $ 1.99 billion to the Kyrgyz Republic, which is equivalent to 35 percent of GDP. For 9 months of 2017, they have transferred to the republic more than $ 1.8 billion, which is 25 percent more than in the same period of 2016. These are huge sums.

Nurlan Sheripov

«This money is not only aimed at supporting relatives and own families of migrants, but also supports the economic development of the country. In recent years, we have revived the construction market. Some successful migrants open a business in their homeland after return. One Kyrgyzstani, for example, successfully worked in the medical field in Switzerland, then came to Batken region and opened a clinic that works using the latest technologies. And there are many such examples,» the State Secretary of SMS said.