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Kamila Talieva tells about problems of migrants in Turkey

Migrants from Kyrgyzstan in Turkey ask to take private employment agencies under control as there are many scammers among them. Deputy Kamila Talieva said at a meeting of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan.

According to her, she and her colleagues Elvira Surabaldieva and Meder Aliyev visited Turkey and met with migrants from Kyrgyzstan. There they voiced a number of proposals and requests to the authorities.

«Currently, more than 68,000 Kyrgyzstanis work in Turkey. Most of them are women. More than 60 percent of them are forced to leave Kyrgyzstan due to difficult life situation, violence and limited opportunities. But they also face problems in migration. Our women are mainly employed in the service sector. They work in hotels and catering establishments, caring for children and the elderly. The biggest difficulties for them are obtaining a residence permit and work visa. They are forced to go to work with tourist visas and stay there illegally,» Kamila Talieva told.