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Trolleybus drivers resume work in Osh city

The strike of trolleybus drivers in Osh city is over. All drivers are working as usual. Mayor’s office of the southern capital informed 24.kg news agency.

Officials note that yesterday, on August 10, the work of trolleybuses was suspended for 4-5 hours in connection with discontent of drivers.

According to the head of the Municipal Economy, Transport and Communications Department of the mayor’s office of Osh city Urali Ramanov, the drivers of the trolleybuses were dissatisfied with the fact that the tariff plan for the passage along the route was increased by 50 soms.

«Since the beginning of the week, the tariff plan for one round has increased from 250 to 300 soms. In this regard, the drivers expressed dissatisfaction and did not work for 4-5 hours. However, in the afternoon, work of trolleybuses was resumed,» Urali Ramanov said.

The mayor’s office told that a special commission would be created, whose tasks would include conducting of raids, calculating the timing, the corresponding assessment.

One trolleybus line is functioning in Osh. In 2017, 24 new trolleybuses from Russia were delivered to the Osh city municipal motor transport enterprise. 30 trolleybuses are working in Osh city now.

Earlier, one of trolleybus drivers, Rysbek Kadyraliev, told 24.kg news agency by phone that there are three reasons for the strike. The drivers are outraged by a hundred soms increase of a money norm from each round, low tariffs and delays in wages. The fare in Osh is 6 soms. Drivers demand the same tariffs like in Bishkek.