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Trolleybus drivers hold strike in Osh city

Trolleybus drivers did not come to work today in Osh city. A resident of the southern capital Bakhtiyar Mamadzhanov told.

«The conflict situation in the work collective was brewing for a long time, and therefore the drivers of the trolleybuses did not appear at their workplaces today. There are no trolleybuses on the city routes. This creates inconvenience for the citizens,» he said.

One of the drivers of trolleybus, Rysbek Kadyraliev, told 24.kg news agency that there are three reasons for the strike.

Firstly, the drivers are outraged by a hundred soms increase of a money norm from each round. Earlier, after each round, the drivers handed over 180 soms to the pay office. Since July, they have to give 280 soms because, allegedly, the city’s population has increased.

Secondly, according to Rysbek Kadyraliev, they often get their salary with delay. The other day, they received a salary only for June.

«Salary is low. We get a percentage of the money we handed over to the pay office. In June, I handed over 23,000 soms and got the salary of 4,500 soms,» he told.

The third reason for the strike is low tariffs. In Osh, the fare is 6 soms. Drivers demand the same tariffs like in Bishkek.

The city administration has not commented on the conflict yet.