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SDMK calls Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip a crime against humanity

The Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Kyrgyzstan (SDMK) called Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip a crime against humanity. The press service of the muftiyat reported.

According to it, the SDMK condemned Israel’s military actions against the civilian population of Palestine and called them a crime against humanity.

The country’s Ulema Council warns Kyrgyzstanis and asks them not to follow the calls spread by some social media users.

«Our assistance to brothers and sisters in faith should be spiritual and material. Therefore, we believe that visiting Palestine with the intention of committing jihad on an emotional basis or together with any organized groups is incompatible with the Sharia law,» the Ulema Council said in a statement.

Previously, the State Committee for National Security also called on Kyrgyzstanis not to succumb to calls for jihad in Palestine.

Early in the morning of October 7, the Hamas group launched a massive rocket attack from the Gaza Strip into the south of the country. The number of victims at the epicenter of the conflict, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, is about 10,000 people, most of them women and children.