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President congratulates Kyrgyzstanis on State Language Day

President Sadyr Japarov congratulated the people of Kyrgyzstan on the State Language Day. The press service of the head of state reported.

The text of the congratulatory message says that 34 years have passed since the Kyrgyz language became the state language. The day when the historic decision was made, which marked the beginning of a decisive step for the construction of an independent state, has become a special holiday.

We inherited from our ancestors the beautiful Kyrgyz land, values that have survived centuries, and preserved the nation and the Kyrgyz language that created the incomparable Manas epic.

Sadyr Japarov

«We took in our native language with mother’s milk, lullabies, mother’s fairy tales and fathers’ words. That is why our great writer Chingiz Aitmatov wrote: «From century to century, if the Kyrgyz live on earth, the Kyrgyz language will also live,» the text of the congratulatory message reads.

The President noted that to date the Kyrgyz language is used in a limited sphere — social, political and cultural, but cannot enter the spheres of education, science and technology. For a wider dissemination of the state language, according to Sadyr Japarov, it is necessary to consider it as the main direction of state policy.

The head of state recalled that he signed the constitutional law on the state language on July 17.

«I hope the law will contribute to the further growth and development of the state language. Today, all necessary conditions are being created for its study, expansion of its use. We need to get rid of the practice of writing various documents in another language and then translating them into Kyrgyz. We need to revise the foundations of the education system in the state language; we should already be training specialists. It is necessary to create conditions for the formation of a new generation of Kyrgyz-speaking scientists and researchers in specialized areas of science. Enrichment of the general scientific base and the base in the Kyrgyz language is also a requirement of the time,» the text of the congratulatory message says.