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Education Minister of Kyrgyzstan about development of state language

Minister of Education and Science of Kyrgyzstan Dogdurkul Kendirbaeva told live on Kyrgyz Radio about the development of the state language.

According to her, one of the fundamental areas of the country’s activities is the development of the state language. Therefore, the number of Kyrgyz classes in schools will increase, and most kindergartens will switch to the state language.

«Thousands of migrants leave for Germany and America, where they learn the language of the host country in order to later enroll their children in schools and kindergartens. This is right. Regarding textbooks, I spoke with the Russian Minister of Education. Each book handed over to us by the Russian Federation will be checked for compliance with the state policy of Kyrgyzstan and then distributed. This is also one of the directions for the development of the state language. There was no unified book policy in the ministry before. That’s why we started producing textbooks by opening our own publishing house,» Dogdurkul Kendirbaeva said.

She added that the Kyrgyz language would be introduced in higher education institutions. For example, the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University will increase the hours of Kyrgyz language lessons. «This issue has been discussed with the rector and relevant heads of the university,» the minister concluded.