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Power outages possible in Kyrgyzstan this year

«Power outages are possible in Kyrgyzstan this year,» Mirlan Ennazarov, Deputy Director of the Department of Urban Economy of Bishkek City Hall, said on the air of Birinchi Radio.

According to him, the power outages are possible given the lack of water in the republic and filling of the Toktogul reservoir not according to the plan. The shortage of water is about 2 billion cubic meters.

Mirlan Ennazarov noted that the Cabinet of Ministers set electricity consumption limits on April 25, 2023. It is 2,750 billion kilowatt-hours for the autumn-winter period for residents of the capital. But Bishkek exceeds the set limits.

«In April — July, consumption in the city reached 794 million kilowatt-hours with the established limit of 717 million kilowatt-hours. Already now we have an excess of 77 million kilowatt-hours. Therefore, I would like to ask our residents, business entities, businessmen, small and medium-sized businesses to save electricity in all respects,» the deputy head of the department said.

He also told that a limit of 20.3 million kilowatt-hours was set for budget-funded institutions. For seven months, consumption reached 12 million kilowatt-hours against the plan of 13.4 million kilowatt-hours. The saving is 1.4 million kilowatt-hours.

«We control state-financed municipal organizations. The mayor of the city controls the issue every week,» Mirlan Ennazarov concluded.