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Landslide disaster protection project launched in Uzgen district

The Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan Akylbek Japarov, as part of a working trip to Osh region, took part in the launch of an engineering project for landslide disaster protection in Uzgen district. Press service of the Cabinet reported.

Akylbek Japarov noted that equipping the Ministry of Emergency Situations with appropriate special equipment is a priority, given that the republic is located in the zone of most natural disasters, including earthquakes, floods and landslides. In 2017, a massive landslide occurred in Uzgen, killing more than 20 people. The risk of landslides in the area still remains, despite the measures taken by the state. Some residents were resettled, but there were also those who did not want to leave this place.

«By the order of the President of the country, the Ministry of Emergency Situations detected 46 sites that are considered landslide-prone. Ten of them are located in Uzgen and are included in the engineering project for landslide disaster protection. Today we will launch the first engineering project for landslide disaster protection. In total, 3.3 billion soms will be allocated for these measures. Most importantly, the project was prepared on the basis of a thorough study of natural physical and geological conditions and analytical calculations,» the head of the Cabinet said.

He also noted that due to construction work on landslide protection, families living in this area need to temporarily relocate. At the same time, local authorities will cover the costs associated with the move.

«The task of the state is to ensure the safety of people, especially those who live in potentially dangerous climatic conditions. We all know perfectly well that climate change in the world also affects our country. As a result of the melting of glaciers in the highlands, humidity rises and our mountains lose their stability and shift. Since independence, the country has experienced many landslides. At least 18 of them fell on settlements, as a result of which 236 citizens died, 277 residential buildings and 7 social facilities were destroyed. Today’s measures taken by the Cabinet of Ministers jointly with the Asian Development Bank will significantly reduce the danger of living in such areas,» Akylbek Japarov concluded.