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Women entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan need training

One of the barriers for women in building a business is their financial illiteracy. Zhumagul Egamberdieva, a member of the Coordinating Council of Demilgiluu Aiymdar Coalition, announced at a conference at 24.kg news agency.

«Preferential interest-free loans were provided. It was possible to take up to 3 million soms. Many women simply could not apply for them, draw up documents properly. That is, they could not fulfill the simplest requirements. This suggests that women need to be trained, especially in the regions. Not everyone could even get the money,» Zhumagul Egamberdieva said.

Ainura Sagynbaeva, chairwoman of the coalition’s coordinating council, also believes that without knowledge, it will be difficult for women to properly use the loan received.

«A very large percentage of women cannot get loans for business: they do not have enough education and financial literacy to use these loans. It is difficult not to spend this money on feasts, husbands, brothers, fathers, children, and so on. Women are primarily in need of information and knowledge. If they are given money without education, then the family will become even more mired in poverty,» Ainura Sagynbaeva said.

She noted that mentoring is considered an effective training program. According to her, it will reveal the character of a woman and help develop her business.

It should be noted that Demilgiluu Aiymdar Coalition has developed the National Women’s Entrepreneurship Agenda in Kyrgyzstan. Presentation of the document will take place on March 15 with the participation of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers Akylbek Japarov.