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Kyrgyzstan plans to create register of bona fide entrepreneurs

The Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan is forming a register of bona fide entrepreneurs. The Ministry of Economy and Commerce reports.

The selection is carried out by an interdepartmental commission formed by the ministry. Those interested are asked to apply.

An entrepreneur included in the register has the following privileges:

  • Receives free airtime on state television channels of the Kyrgyz Republic for media advertising;
  • Receives tax and customs services out of turn;
  • Participates free of charge in international exhibitions, fairs, forums from the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Exempted from inspections for three years by state regulatory authorities, with the exception of inspections carried out in accordance with the tax legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, from the moment of inclusion in the register of bona fide entrepreneurs of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Receives preferential financing as part of the implementation of government lending programs.