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Winners of sniping competition announced in Osh city

Winners of Southern Border sniping competition held in Osh city were determined. The Sniping Federation of Kyrgyzstan informed 24.kg news agency.

«At least 33 shooters took part in the tournament. They performed 8 exercises from stable and unstable positions on paper and metal targets at distances from 100 to 650 meters. Based on the results of the past tournament consisting of 8 exercises, Aziz Zhumaliev with Savage rifle took the 1st place in the categories «exact shot», «dynamics» and «far target» and received 30,000 soms. Sergei Zuev took the second place with Blaser R8 and a representative of Alpha subdivision of the State Committee for National Security of the Kyrgyz Republic won a bronze medal with 308Win caliber rifle.

A representative of Boru special forces of the State Border Service took the 1st place in the semi-automatic weapon category. Another representative of Boru special forces took the 2nd place, and Kenzhebek Mamatov — the 3rd place.

The tournament was internationally acknowledged as it was registered by the International Confederation ITCC in T-class. The chief referee was the head of the referee corps of the Kyrgyzstan’s Sniping Federation Vladimir Nazarov.

Southern Border was the first high-precision shooting tournament held in Osh city.

The Sniping Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic was established this summer. More than 80 people have registered there. The founders of the Federation intend to popularize high-precision shooting in Kyrgyzstan, to form a culture of safe handling of long-barreled rifled weapons, to promote a healthy lifestyle, patriotism and careful attitude to nature.