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Salary cuts in Parliament of Kyrgyzstan: Is spending optimization real?

The day before, the President of Kyrgyzstan signed a decree on reduction of the official salaries of parliamentary deputies. According to the document, the salary of a speaker is now 30,000 soms, his deputies — 27,000 soms, leaders of parliamentary factions and chairmen of committees — 26,000 soms, deputies — 25,000 soms.

However, it should be noted that the head of the parliamentary press service, Ibraim Nurakun uulu, previously voiced the data for 2020. If we compare the figures, then the salaries of the deputies were cut by 500 soms only. The size of the official salary of the speaker and his deputies has not changed. It was 30,000 soms and 27,000 soms, respectively.

Social media users rightly question this «optimization» of spending from the state budget. It is well known that in addition to salaries, parliamentary deputies receive a lot of extra payments.

They are paid for years of service, class rank, initiated bills, bonuses, they are allocated money for the deputy fund. The deputies are also allocated money for fuel and lubricants and stationery. Their mobile communications bills are also paid.

The data on the income of the deputies are indicated in their declarations. If you look at these earnings report, you can see that they earn not less than 600,000 soms a year.

So, the Speaker of Parliament Talant Mamytov, who temporarily suspended his powers, earned 703,355 soms in 2020, Vice Speaker Aida Kasymalieva — 618,558 soms. Ainuru Altybaeva’s income amounted to 1,060,000 soms.

One of the authors of the controversial bill on «Protection from Inaccurate (False) Information» Gulshat Asylbaeva earned 670,350 soms, Irina Karamushkina — 762,000 soms. Marlen Mamataliev earned 717,507 soms. Income of Dastan Bekeshev for a year amounted to 1,279,000 soms, his relatives — 255,000. Dastan Dzhumabekov earned 835,777 soms. Information about income of his relatives is not indicated. Tazabek Ikramov earned 603,867 soms, Kanybek Imanaliev — 2,501,000, Iskender Matraimov — 1,984,000 soms. The income of his close relatives amounted to 5,348,000 soms.

Judging by the income declarations of the parliamentary deputies, one can conclude that the majority of them earns much more than 25,000-30,000 soms.

The annual income of a deputy Azamat Arapbaev amounted to 54,405,000 soms. His declaration includes information about five companies and factories he owns that were transferred to trust. The income of his relatives amounted to 352,630,000 soms.

Dinara Isaeva earned 24,831,000 soms. The official income of the deputy Sharshenbek Abdykerimov amounted to 8,514,000 soms. His close relatives earned 22,174,000 soms.

Aisuluu Mamashova, who owns AISY-LY, earned 7,016,000 soms. The income of deputy Kanatbek Isaev amounted to 7,607,000. Firms are not listed, but he has is a herd of horses worth 17 million soms.

Ulukbek Ormonov officially earned 66,087,000 soms for a year. He owns Kara-Shoro restaurant. The income of his relatives amounted to 1,220,000 soms.