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Expert names negative consequences of majority system

Elections held according to majority system have several negative consequences. Expert Medet Tyulegenov told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, they have sharply reduced the participation of women in Parliament. «As you can see, there is not a single woman among the leading candidates. This speaks of unequal competition. Women do not have enough financial and social resources to actively campaign. Preliminary results of the voting show that those who have a greater financial advantage pass,» Medet Tyulegenov said.

He also noted that the deputies elected in single-mandate constituencies will not actively raise the national level issues. «Deputies for single-seat districts will focus on the problems of their region, and issues of a national character will remain out of their sight. This is another negative effect of the majority system,» Medet Tyulegenov said.

The expert spoke out against the introduction of a threshold score for single-seat constituencies. «Yes, one who gets the most votes passes, deputies for single-seat districts have a different number of votes, there is no certain threshold score. But I do not think that it is needed, since it does not greatly improve competitiveness and will not give special advantages. On the contrary, it can lead to repeated elections,» the expert said.

At the same time, he attributed the introduction of the preferential system to the positive changes in the electoral legislation. «The preferential system potentially proves its worth. It is only necessary to solve technical problems so that voters do not get confused, as in these elections. The system affords not the party leader, but the voters an opportunity to distribute mandates and ensures internal party democracy,» the expert says.