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Kyrgyzstanis start voting in parliamentary elections

Deputies of the 7th convocation of Parliament are elected in Kyrgyzstan today. The electoral system in the country has been changed, so there will be 90 deputies instead of 120.

As a result, 54 deputies of Parliament will be elected according to a proportional system (open lists of candidates of political parties) in the single electoral district, 36 deputies — according to the majority system in single-mandate constituencies.

At least 1,015 candidates from 21 political parties and 296 — in single-mandate constituencies run for seats.

Polling stations opened at 8.00 a.m. They will work until 8.00 p.m. In total, 2,494 polling stations were formed, 59 of which — abroad, and 2,435 — in the country.

The final voters’ list for the single electoral district includes 3,703,420 voters, at least 84,128 of them were included in the list at polling stations abroad.

The number of voters in single-mandate constituencies is 3,619,292 (excluding voters registered abroad. — Note of 24.kg news agency).

As for single-mandate constituencies, candidate who won the largest number of votes will get into the Parliament.

As for the single electoral district, parties that overcame 5 percent barrier will get into Parliament. At the same time, a political party cannot receive more than 50 percent of the total number of deputy seats under the proportional system (not more than 27 seats).

Since the elections are held according to party lists, 70 percent of the total number of seats in the single electoral district will be distributed among the candidates who won the largest number of votes. The remaining 30 percent will be distributed among female candidates.

The current election campaign is the sixth. Since the beginning of 2021, about 1,663.8 billion soms have been spent from the budget of Kyrgyzstan on holding elections and referendums.