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Free higher education planned for children infected with HIV in hospitals

Almost 400 children have been infected with HIV in medical facilities of Kyrgyzstan. Aibar Sultangaziev, Executive Director of Partnership Network Association, reminded at a round table discussion.

He noted that many of them have reached the conscription age. «According to the law, they have an exemption from military service, but for this it is necessary to announce the diagnosis. However, parents are afraid to voice it, fearing that it will become known in their environment, in the village. Young people also face the issue how to create their own families,» Aibar Sultangaziev added.

He said that an inventory of legislation is being carried out in Kyrgyzstan. «Including of the law on HIV / AIDS. We propose to include in the new document a norm that will allow children infected with HIV in hospitals to receive higher education free of charge. Moreover, the Ministry of Education has a list of quotas, we propose adding one more. That’s not a lot, about 20-30 children a year. We want to include the same issue in the new HIV / AIDS program,» Aibar Sultangaziev explained.

There were cases in Kyrgyzstan from 2005 to 2019, when, through the fault of doctors, children became infected with HIV / AIDS. In total, 381 children have been infected so far. More than 70 of them died. In August 2020, amendments were made to the law on HIV / AIDS in the Kyrgyz Republic, according to which citizens of the country who contracted HIV / AIDS in hospitals will be paid compensation — at least 100,000 soms. They will come into force on March 1, 2022.