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Money transferred by citizens to fight COVID-19 spent with violations

Voluntary donations from citizens and companies for the fight against coronavirus have been spent without estimates by budget managers and amendments to the 2020 budget law. The Accounting Chamber of Kyrgyzstan made such a conclusion after examining the budget execution process for the last year.

In total, 160,131.5 million soms have been transferred to deposit accounts, including the Ministry of Health received 142,704,300 soms, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development — 17,427,200 soms.

At least 151,373,300 soms of the amount have been spent.

«The money was spent in violation of Article 105 of the Budget Code of the Kyrgyz Republic and the provisions on funds of budget-funded institutions accumulated on deposit accounts in the single treasury system. They were not taken into account in the amendments to the law on the budget for 2020 in terms of revenues and expenditures. This amount is not included in the report on the execution of the republican budget, which contradicts the principle of the budgetary system of the Kyrgyz Republic,» the report says.