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Employee of U.S. Embassy hits student in Bishkek and runs

An employee of the U.S. Embassy hit a student and ran in Bishkek. User Nuraiym Aitkulova posted on Facebook.

According to her, on June 18, an employee of the U.S. Embassy hit a 4th year student at a pedestrian crossing near the Kyrgyz State Technical University.

«She didn’t even stop, the witness of the accident caught up with her. She refused to get out of the car, referring to her immunity. About 6-7 minutes after the incident, people in the U.S. military uniform came to protect the lady. The victim was taken to the hospital with concussion and contusions. No measures were taken against her due to immunity,» Nuraiym Aitkulova posted.

She asks witnesses of the traffic accident to respond.

The Main Traffic Safety Department of the Internal Affairs Ministry does not comment on the incident so far.